Enter student email addresses

It is possible to connect a student’s e-mail address to the student’s Helpful Games account. The purpose of doing this is for being able to do the following:

  • Let the student log on via Google, Facebook or Microsoft, if the e-mail address is registered in those services.
  • Let the student use the email address as username at login. The original username can also be used in parallel.
  • Send notice of assignments, such as if the due date is approaching. Not implemented yet.
  • Send notice of unread messages from teachers or parents. Not implemented yet.

To assign an email address to a student’s account:

  1. Log in as a teacher or parent with access to the student.
  2. Click the Students button.
  3. Click on the group in which the student is included.
  4. Click on the student’s name in the list of students.
  5. Enter the student’s e-mail address in the Email Address field. Click the Save button.

Helpful Games will never send out general e-mail messages to the student’s e-mail address.

Please note that it is not the parent’s email address that should be entered here.