Improved feedback in image markups

Games of the game type image markups have been updated. The number of attempts/guesses is now displayed with hearts as in other game types. In addition, the game creator (when creating a user game) can now choose whether the number […]

Bug in multiple choice levels (fixed)

If the student, in a game with multiple choice questions and extra lives (indicated by hearts), quickly clicked on 2 different wrong answers, there was a bug in the copying when that question would be added as an extra question […]

New pictures in the macabre game

We have now replaced all the pictures in the game hangman. We hope these are better suited to all our users! The last picture is now also a little surprise. 🙂

More levels and titles for keyboard training

We have now added 20 new and more difficult levels in the game that tests your skills on the keyboard. Now there are levels for 250 and 300 strikes per minute. The new titles are king and emperor, achieved at […]

Choose between 12- and 24-hour clock

In our games about the digital clock, Digital clock and Match clocks, you may now choose if you want to play with 24-hour clock or if you prefer the 12-hour clock. The latter will then practice the use of a.m. […]

More levels in the keyboard game

 Now the game Keyboard training has been upgraded with 20 new and highly anticipated levels. It’s the same types of training and the limits are 70 characters per minute and 150 characters per minute. We hope this addition will help […]

More levels in Word spelling

The game Word spelling has got nine new levels. In these levels the words are filtered by their lenght instead of their category. We hope the game got a bit better by this update!

Upgraded keyboard game

The game Keyboard training has been upgraded to a new version. The news includes: No start button. The clock starts when you start typing. Optimized for speed with Internet Explorer. Better graphics and especially a larger display. Adjusted limits for […]

Complete times tables

The multiplication game have finally got complete tables in the levels practicing times tables up to and including the tenth table. Moreover, there are new levels that mixes multiplication tables. Hope this helps you in your training! Play Multiplication now!