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Improved feedback in image markups

Now the number of attempts the player has left is displayed. In this case 3 extra attempts per question. Games of the game type image markups have been updated. The number of attempts/guesses is now displayed with hearts as in other game types. In ...

Admin for schools and municipalities

Do you want to get a better overview of your school's use of Helpful Games? Do you have a school administrator who needs to manage classes and groups instead of the teachers themselves? If you have a plus membership of type School or Municipality, ...

Bug in multiple choice levels (fixed)

If the student, in a game with multiple choice questions and extra lives (indicated by hearts), quickly clicked on 2 different wrong answers, there was a bug in the copying when that question would be added as an extra question at the end. One of ...

Visual feedback of failed game rounds

When the student plays a level in a game, a progress bar is displayed in many games. It's green as long as the game round is about to be completed, but turns red if the student does something wrong and the round will be marked as failed. The game ...

Clear visual feedback in free text games

The student has 3 chances, as each heart gives an extra chance. In this picture, the student has used one heart because of the misspelling. It is not really new functionality, but now it is much clearer how many chances the student has when a ...

New game type - Link Up

If you are a teacher, you now can create your own game where the student will link questions with the right answers. You can upload images, audio and video and choose whether the texts can be read aloud or not. A tip is to first create a game of ...

Create questions with hidden text

We have now upgraded the game types multiple-choice questions and questions with free text answers by making it possible to hide either the question text and / or the answer options. When they are hidden, you can only listen to the text. It may be ...

Several correct answers

In the game type with free text answers, it is now possible to enter up to 3 correct answers. Before, you as a game creator had to enter only 1 correct answer. That usually works well, but sometimes we need to be able to allow for e.g. two ...

New word game and game type

Now there is a new type of game where you have to figure out a hidden English word. The game is similar to Mastermind where the player must figure out color codes. Here it's English words that must be figured out. There are many game levels and ...

Buy plus membership with PayPal, debit card or credit card

Now we have finally launched the option to buy your plus membership with a debit or credit card and also using your PayPal account. When you buy your plus membership, you also get the activation code instantly instead of having to wait for our ...
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