New game settings in image markups

The popular picture marking game type, where the student has to click on the correct marking in a picture, has now been enhanced with two new picture marking game types. One shows a marker in a picture and the student must then choose the correct text option from three possible ones, i.e. similar to the game type multiple-choice questions. The other new game type is similar, but the student must write the answer for the marker that flashes in the picture, which is quite similar to the game type with free text answers.

The two new game types can be played in these games:

Countries in Europe (Level 5 and level 6)

Planet order in the solar system (Level 5 and level 6)

This is what the two functions look like and they are both printable (plus members), if you want the students to do the games on paper as a review, test or just as an alternative to a computer and tablet.