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Import student rosters from Excel

If you want to add an entire class to Helpful Games, you can now start from an Excel template and create accounts for all your students at once. The function is called Create student accounts from Excel and you will find it when you are editing one ...

Secure communication

From now on, Helpful Games has https encryption, which means that you as a user browse on a secure connection and that all communication between web server and your browser is encrypted. If you look up in the address bar in your browser, you will ...

50% discount for teachers on plus membership

A few weeks ago, we introduced a limit on the number of groups a teacher may create without being a plus member. A teacher now needs to be a plus member to create more than the first free group. As a compensation to you who use multiple groups, ...

Public top charts

Now, as a student, you can see your place on top charts on Helpful Games. You'll find the top charts when you sign in and click on Top charts: As a teacher or parent you can choose to hide the top charts for a student and you can also choose to turn ...

Creating multiple groups requires plus membership

Starting today, an active plus membership is needed to create more than one student group. With a plus membership, a teacher can create 20 groups and a parent 2 groups. If you do not have a membership, you can create and manage 1 student group, ...

Create your own memory game

A new template for user games has now become available. You can now create your own matching card memory game with either text, image or both text and image. You can also select the number of cards that will be available in each game round. Here is ...

New game template with image markups

On Helpful Games, everyone can create their own games. We create templates that you can then easily use to create your games. Now we have made a new game template called Image markups. You upload a large image and then mark specific points in the ...

Time limit in your games

Now we have added a feature where you can set a time restriction on rounds when students play different levels in your own games. You will find the feature where you edit a game level. The time limit must be between 10 seconds and 300 seconds (5 ...

More detailed game results for students

Now, students can get a better view of their playing. If a student log in and go to the page with the game results, there will now be a summary of the game results at the top: New measurements are the number of rounds played, accuracy and active ...

Set time limit on game rounds

In most games on Helpful Games, there is no time pressure. For some students, however, it may be encouraging to complete something within a certain time. For example, it can be completing a certain multiplication table within 30 seconds. Now you can ...
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