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Memory with speech synthesis

One of our popular game types has now become even better. Game levels with memory can now be created with read-out speech synthesis of text. This makes language learning better as the student gets the opportunity to practice pronunciation and use ...

Improved speech synthesis

We have now made a big improvement in the speech synthesis for reading out questions and answers on Helpful Games. We now use the same speech synthesis regardless of which device you use, which means that your students will be able to get the best ...

Cancel a game round

There are several ways to cancel a game round, but now most games have a button called Cancel which cancels the entire game round regardless of how many questions the student has answered. The result is saved as usual as a cancelled round. All ways ...

Send request for existing students and groups

Do you want access to an existing student or group? New teacher in a new class or new student in the class? There may be many reasons for wanting access to an existing student account or student group as a teacher. Now we have facilitated this ...

Difficult levels clearly marked

When the student plays at Helpful Games there is now labels on the game levels that may be difficult. It facilitates the student's choice of level, but also gives an understanding of why a level suddenly seems hard. Read about the different number ...

New game template for guessing words

At Helpful Games, all teachers and parents can create their own games. We create the templates that you can then easily use to create your own games. Now we have made a new game template called Guess word. You fill in a list of words and perhaps ...

Copy a game level to another game type

When creating your own game, there are several different game types to choose from for you to create interesting and appropriate game levels. Once you have created a game level, you can now copy the content of that game level to a new game level ...

Improved search

As Helpful games has grown, it has also become more difficult to find among all the new games. We have therefore developed a new and improved search function where you can perform a normal plain search as before, but now with improved features: ...

Keep playing assignments

A frequently requested function has been to let the students keep playing the tasks in an assignment that they have been assigned, even after they have completed the task. Now there is a setting when creating an assignment where you as a teacher ...

New prices for plus membership

We have simplified how the licenses for plus membership are ordered. This means that it is easier to see how much your plus membership will cost you. It will be easier to calculate the total cost on our order page and we have also lowered the price ...
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