Color-coded input upgraded in free-text question games

Previously, players could see their inputted text in color, where correct letters were rewarded with green and incorrect letters were marked in red. This provided a visual indication of the accuracy of the answers and encouraged players to immediately correct their mistakes. Now, with the latest update, this color-coding will only appear on the last attempt before the player submits their answer (assuming the game creator has chosen color feedback in the game settings).

This new method of color-coding gives players a final chance to correct their answers before submitting them. Instead of having immediate feedback with every keystroke, players now have one last opportunity to correct their mistakes before making a final decision. This not only promotes accuracy and attention but also a sense of responsibility for their own answers.

This also minimizes the risk of a game round being marked as failed due to a keyboard error.

With the introduction of this upgraded color-coded input, free-text question games take another step forward. This new method of feedback provides players with a balance between immediate response and personal responsibility for their answers. Hope you like it!

The improvement has been implemented in games with levels of the types Questions with text answers and Image Markup, as well as in special games Months, Days of the week, Place value with base ten blocks, Word spelling and Count money.