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Extra tries on multiple choice questions

When you create your own game and add a game level of type multiple choice, you can now choose to let the students have more chances on the questions: If you activate this setting, students get up to 3 hearts, which indicate that the student has ...

Create mandatory assignment

A popular function on Helpful Games is to create assignments. Now it is possible to make an assignment mandatory. Then the student must play the tasks in the assignment before any other game or (non-mandatory) assignment can be played. This applies ...

Print an assignment

Now you may print out all tasks in an assignment. It fits well eg. if you want to create a test or exam where the students only need pen and paper. You can now customize a test by choosing specific game levels from all of Helpful Games. Below is an ...

Go back to previous questions

Many of our games with multiple questions have a button to get to the next question. See e.g. the green button in the image above. Starting today, it is also possible to go back to the previous question or questions so that the students can see ...

Read receipt on messages

Now you can see if the recipient has read your message that you sent via Helpful Games. If you have sent a message to multiple students or teachers, you will also see who has read and who has not yet read the message. The list of your sent messages ...

Print a game on paper for your students

As an active Plus member, you may now print almost all game levels and hand them out to your students as exercises to solve with paper and pencil. It might be good if you, for example, are having problems with the internet connection or with the ...

Create game questions in Excel

If you want to create your own game, but rather work in Excel, there is now an import function on the page for creating games. When you open the edit mode for a game level, there is now an button Import from Excel, where you can upload your game ...

Create groups of 100 students

A teacher is now allowed to create up to 100 students in a student group. This assumes that the teacher is a plus member. If the teacher is not yet a plus member, the limit is 50 students per student group. Remember, you can create 20 groups as a ...

Hand out login info to students

We have now made it easier for you to distribute your students' login information when creating a new class. Now you can print login information for an entire class and get an instant printout that you can cut and distribute. Read more in our Help ...

Edit assignments created by others

[caption id="attachment_858" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Screenshot of the new access control when editing an assignment.[/caption] Now it is possible to give your colleagues access to your assignments. For example, if you are working together ...
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