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Play Keyboard typing

Keyboard typing

Practice typing on the keyboard. Being able to write correctly and quickly on the keyboard is important to use a computer to write texts. Here you can practice keyboard typing and are assisted when yo
80 game levels. Second grade - Tenth grade
Keyboard layout Touch typing Correct fingering Spelling
Play Advanced English words

Advanced English words

Learn some advanced English words using this funny game with vocabulary words.
9 game levels. Fourth grade - Tenth grade
Vocabulary Reading Spelling
Play Christmas word game

Christmas word game

Practice words related to Christmas. Can you find all the words on the board?
12 game levels. Kindergarten - Third grade
Christmas Spelling Reading
Play Code word

Code word

Solve code words in a fun word game with English words and English dictionary. Do you crack the code word before you run out of guesses?
50 game levels. Fifth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Vocabulary Letters Spelling Logical thinking
Play Correct spelling

Correct spelling

There are many sounds that you need to practice in order to learn how to spell correctly. This game trains the most common phonetic sounds and the correct spelling. Have a look at the three words and
10 game levels. First grade - Seventh grade
Spelling Reading
Play Days of the week

Days of the week

Practicing the order of the days of the week. Do you know how the day after Wednesday is spelled? What day comes after Sunday? You will truly master the order of the days when you have completed this
10 game levels. Kindergarten - Sixth grade
Days of the week Spelling
Play Diphthongs


Memory game that tests a student's knowledge of diphthong sounds.
3 game levels. First grade - Sixth grade
Diphthongs Spelling Decoding Sounds
Play Hangman


Figure out the sentence or word that is hidden by guessing letters, one at a time. Can you find the word before your hanging man falls down?
66 game levels. Kindergarten - Sixth grade
Spelling Alphabet Reading
Play Homophones


Choose the correct spelling of these commonly confused English words.
4 game levels. Third grade - Seventh grade
Homophones Spelling Vocabulary
Play How do you spell

How do you spell

Learn the most common misspellings of English words and remember the correct spelling. Do you know how all the words are spelled?
10 game levels. First grade - Seventh grade
Spelling Reading
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