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Play Abacus - Addition

Abacus - Addition

Learn to count addition on an abacus. In order to be able to perform addition on an abacus you need to master the abacus basics. In this game you practice to carry extra digits when adding numbers.
12 game levels. First grade - Tenth grade
Logical thinking Addition Abacus
Play Adding doubles

Adding doubles

To play match an addition sentence to make doubles.
2 game levels. First grade - Second grade
Making 10 Adding doubles Addition
Play Adding Fruits

Adding Fruits

Improve the learners' skills in addition by adding the number of fruits.
3 game levels. Kindergarten - Third grade
Play Addition


Practice addition in math game with several levels of increasing difficulty. Add two numbers and find the correct sum.
35 game levels. Kindergarten - Sixth grade
Numbers Addition Mental calculation
Play Addition within ten

Addition within ten

This game will help students build fluency when adding within 10.
6 game levels. Kindergarten - First grade
Addition Adding Fluency
Play Balance the Equations

Balance the Equations

Use your addition and subtraction skills to balance the equations and win the game!
5 game levels. Second grade - Third grade
Equalities Balancing equations Addition Subtraction
Play Making 10

Making 10

Practice different ways to add up to the number ten.
3 game levels. Kindergarten - Second grade
Making 10 Addition
Play Number bonds

Number bonds

Try to find the number that is a number bond to another number and adds up to the given sum. Practice part-part-whole relationships to the numbers 0-20 and facilitates the important mental calculation
25 game levels. First grade - Fifth grade
Numbers Addition Mental calculation Number bonds
Play Sums of two one-digit numbers

Sums of two one-digit numbers

students will be adding one-digit numbers in this game.
4 game levels. First grade - Third grade
Addition 1-digit number
Play Ways to make 10

Ways to make 10

These friends of ten activities really help students learn ways to make ten in a fun and hands on way.
4 game levels. Kindergarten - Second grade
Addition Number bonds Make 10

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