Print a game on paper for your students

As an active Plus member, you may now print almost all game levels and hand them out to your students as exercises to solve with paper and pencil. It might be good if you, for example, are having problems with the internet connection or with the computers / tablets. Or why not use a printout for a different kind of test?

The printouts look different almost every time, as questions and answers are generated randomly. The printouts also vary depending on the type of game you are printing. Below are a few examples of how generated printouts might look like:

Example 1

Download a pdf file from level 9 in the game Multiplication:

Multiplication – One factor is 4-6 printout

Example 2

Download a pdf file from level 1 in the game Countries in Europe:

Countries in Europe printout

More info

If you want to know more about this new feature, we have a guide for printing a game in our Help center.

If you have any comments about the function, please contact us.