Extra tries on multiple choice questions

When you create your own game and add a game level of type multiple choice, you can now choose to let the students have more chances on the questions:

If you activate this setting, students get up to 3 hearts, which indicate that the student has extra chances on the questions. If students click on the wrong answer alternative, the incorrect answer is marked with a heart and the question is automatically added as an extra question at the end of the generated list of questions. If the student starts with 10 questions and misses one questions, the student will have 11 questions to answer, where the 11th is the one that the student answered incorrectly.

The new feature is automatically enabled when you create a new game level of the multiple choice type, but is not added to already created game levels. On those levels, you have to activate the function manually by editing the game, if you want the players to get more chances.