Top charts

On Helpfugames there are public top charts where logged-in students can see their positions in the top charts. For many students these lists may be encouraging to continue playing, but for some students, it may take away the joy of gaming. Therefore, as a teacher or parent, you can change how the top lists are displayed to a student. You find the top chart settings if you:

  1.  Sign in as the student’s responsible teacher or parent.
  2. Click on Students.
  3. Click on the group the student is part of.
  4. Click on the student’s name.
  5. Change the Top charts value as desired. The default value is to let the student see the top lists.
  6. Change the Publicity value if you want to let the student’s username to be visibleto other students in the top charts. The default value is that students are anonymous.

A student finds the top lists by doing this:

  1. Log in as a student.
  2. Click on Top charts.
  3. Select the top chart that you want to display. There are three different leaderboards: Ranking level, Knowledge points and Medal table.