New class – what todo with the old students’ accounts?

If you, as a teacher, have a new class and want to use Helpful Games with your new class, you might encounter the 100 students per group limit (50 students for a free user account), if you try to add the new students to the same group.

A new group should be created for the new class. Separate the physical classes also on Helpfulgames  using the group function. As a teacher, you can have 20 student groups and a parent can have 2 student groups on Helpfulgames.

You can handle your old group (class) in three ways. The easiest way is to let it be as it is, but even better for the class students and their new teachers is to transfer your old class to the class’s new teacher. The last option is to delete the entire student group. We do not recommend deleting the student group because the student accounts that exist only in that group must be deleted.