More than 50 students

If you’re a teacher and need to create more than the 50 student accounts you may have in a group as a teacher, we offer you the following options:

  1. Become a plus member as a teacher and you will be allowed to create student groups of 100 students instead of 50 students.
  2. If the students belongs to different classes, we recommend that you create a new group (class) with your new students. If you have already created the majority of the students in the old group, you can move the students to the new group. You can then invite other teacher to the group so that you can collaborate with each other. Then all teachers can send messages, hand out assignments and create games for the class. You can also follow up on the students individually, but also the class as a whole.
  3. Split the class into two or more groups with a maximum of 50 students in each group. You will still be able to provide all students with the same assignment.