Cloze test

This type of game let the student see one or more texts in which certain words have been removed or replaced with multiple choice options. The student’s task is to fill in the gaps or choose the right option so that the text make sense. This type of game is very popular in language learning since it is both testing and practicing reading comprehension and vocabulary in a context rather than words alone.

When you create cloze test games you get the following choices for each level:

Level settings

  1. Should the answer be case sensitive, ie is it important that students are using the correct uppercase or lowercase letters? If it is not obvious, you are recommended to not making it case sensitive.
  2. You can create one or more cloze test questions. Is the order of the questions important? Within a question, you can have several gaps. The order of the gaps within a question is never changed.
  3. Should students only be allowed to have 3 failed attempts before the question in the round is marked as failed?

Write your text in the large text field:

Cloze testWhen you want to insert a gap, you need to select the word or words that will form a gap. Then click the button Insert/edit gap. This opens a dialog box where you may write a a hint to the correct word (which the student can open up on the question mark after the gap) and also up to three incorrect answer options:

Answer alternativesIf you fill in one or more of the wrong answers the gap will be transformed to a dropdown menu, where the student choose the right answer among the options that you specified.