Detailed reports on games

Now you can get even more detailed reports on your students’ performance in a game. For example, you may get an overview of all students’ results on a game level and their missed questions. Additionally, you can even view each student’s performance individually on each game level. You will now be able to view the following information for all games and levels:

  • Questions missed.
  • How many times the level has been played by each student.
  • The failure rate for each student on the level. Students who need special attention are highlighted in the tables.
  • How long time the students needed to play a level.
  • When each student last played a level.

Navigate to the new reports:

  1. Log in as a teacher or parent.
  2. Click the button Reports and then All games.
  3. Click on a subject.
  4. Click on the game that your students have played.

You will now be taken to a page that lists the game’s levels and how the students passed these levels. If you click on one of the listed levels you will be directed to a page with the new statistics.

Show the new reports on games