Create mandatory assignment

A popular function on Helpful Games is to create assignments. Now it is possible to make an assignment mandatory. Then the student must play the tasks in the assignment before any other game or (non-mandatory) assignment can be played. This applies between the start date and the end date of the mandatory assignment. It is possible to have several mandatory assignments simultaneously.

With this new feature a teacher can be sure that the student only plays the games targeting eg. a subject in a lesson.

A student can see if a mission is mandatory by the following the ways:

  1. All games and game levels that are not part of a mandatory assignment are locked with padlocks and therefore cannot be played.
  2. All assignments that are not mandatory are locked with padlocks and cannot be played.
  3. Mandatory assignment is playable and on of the assignment page it states that the assignment is mandatory.

A teacher can see if a mission is mandatory by looking at the value for Mandatory assignments when the assignment is displayed or edited.

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