Activate plus membership

From now on we will show you a few ads. The reason for this is that we need to cover our expenditures so we can build even better features and great games on Helpfulgames. We show a maximum of three ads per page and every ad is clearly marked that it is an advertisement. Furthermore, we show no ads while students are actively playing at a level in a game. If you do not want to see these ads you can order a plus membership. By becoming a plus member, neither you nor your students will see ads on Helpfulgames.

Remember that it is always free to join us. An active plus membership will only remove the ads.

How to become a plus member:

  1. Go to the page for ordering a plus membership. Links to that page can be found above each ad with the link text REMOVE.
  2. On the order page, fill in your details. It is important that you fill in all the details for the order to be valid. Remember to order the right type of membership: if you are a teacher, you must select the membership type teacher, if you want to handle more than 5 students or more than 2 groups.
  3. Click on the button Send order and await the confirmation by e-mail. We will then manually review and process your order. Therefore, it takes up to a few days before we get back to you with the activation code and invoice.
  4. When you receive the activation code and invoice, click on the link in the email message which then takes you to the settings page:
  5. Click on the link Enter Code next to Plus Member. Enter your code and click Save. You should now see that there is an text displaying for how long your plus memberships is valid. Now, both you and your students are plus members here at and also at!

PSST! Do not forget to pay the invoice.