Create users for your students

If you’re a student and want to start collecting knowledge points and medals, you need to ask a teacher or parent to create an account first. Only a teacher account or parent account can create accounts for students!

You create accounts for your students by:

  1. Login as a teacher or parent.
  2. Click on the Students button, which brings you to the page where you manage your groups of students.
  3. Click the name of the group in which you want to add the new student. If there is no suitable group, you must first create a group.
  4. Make sure you are on the Students tab. Click the Add new student button, then New and then Create new student account.
  5. The first name is mandatory and will also be user as a prefix for the student’s username when generated
  6. Enter the student’s current grade and also last name.
  7. Choose how the student can play the games.
    1. Choose All games, if the student should be able to play all games on Helpfulgames.
    2. Choose Current grade, if the student should only see games that are targeted the student’s current grade.
    3. Choose Via assignments, if the student only should be able to play games that you have selected. You must create an assignment for the student – otherwise the student will be treated as Current grade above.
    4. We recommend C if the student is having difficulties focusing on assignments.
  8. If you enter the student’s email address, the student will be able to log in via eg. Google.
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. The account for the student has now been created.
  11. Repeat step 4-9 for all students in need of an account.

If you want to hand out the usernames and passwords to your students, we recommend that you click the button Print login information below the students table, which generates a PDF file with all the necessary information that you can easily print. Please note that you must have an application that can read Microsoft Excel files in order to open the file.

You can also click on the first name of one of your students (after step 9 above), which will take you to a page where you edit that student’s details. There you will see the student’s username and password.