Numbers in German

Choose right
0 to 10, Multiple choice
Spell right
0 to 10, Questions with text answers Difficult
Number memory
1 to 10
Find the number
1 to 10, Letter grid
Choose right
11 to 20, Multiple choice
Spell right
11 to 20, Questions with text answers
Number memory
11 to 20
Find the number
11 to 20, Letter grid
Choose right
Tens, 10 to 100, Multiple choice
Spell right
Tens, 10 to 100, Questions with text answers
Number memory
Tens, 10 to 100
Find the number
Tens, 10 to 100, Letter grid
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Practice reading and spelling of the numbers from 0 to 20 in German.

The game Numbers in German

Instructions for Numbers in German

In this game you will learn how to formulate the numbers from one to one hundred in German. Click on the correct option among the various alternatives. On the second level, write the correct number in German.

Rules for counting in German

0-12: Digits and numbers from zero to twelve are specific words.

13-19: From thirteen to nineteen, the numbers are formed from the matching unit digits, adding the word for ten at the end.

10-100: The tens are formed by adding the suffix -zig at the end of the multiplier digit, with exception for ten, twenty, thirty and seventy.

You practice the following numbers in this German game:

0 – null
1 – eins
2 – zwei
3 – drei
4 – vier
5 – fünf
6 – sechs
7 – sieben
8 – acht
9 – neun
10 – zehn
11 – elf
12 – zwölf
13 – dreizehn
14 – vierzehn
15 – fünfzehn
16 – sechzehn
17 – siebzehn
18 – achtzehn
19 – neunzehn
20 – zwanzig
30 – dreißig
40 – vierzig
50 – fünfzig
60 – sechzig
70 – siebzig
80 – achtzig
90 – neunzig
100 – hundert

Level 1, 5, 9

Multiple choiceMultiple choice - On each level you will get up to ten questions with or without images, video and audio tracks. For each question you will get two or three possible answers. Only one of these is correct. It's up to you to find the right answer. If you guess incorrectly, you may try again, but you will not get any knowledge points for that round.

Level 2, 6, 10

Questions with text answersQuestions with text answers - On each level you will get up to ten questions with or without images, videos and audio files. You must type the correct answer by yourself. If you make a mistake, you get to try again until you find the searched word or phrase. Once you figure out the correct answer, you will get knowledge points. If you're having trouble figuring out the correct answer, you can click on the button labelled Give up. It will reveal the correct answer to that specific question, but you will not get any knowledge points for that round.

The game creator may have allowed you to get feedback on your typing. If so, the textbox, where you type your answer, will turn red or green as you type. The game creator has also decided if the answer is case sensitive, ie if it is important that you type in correct case. Both of these settings may vary between the levels, which you'll be noticed of when you play a level. You may misspell a maximum of three times per question. On your fourth misspelling, the question will be classified as incorrectly answered.

Level 3, 7, 11

MemoryMemory - Find the two cards that belongs to each other. Sometimes it's the same card and sometimes there are different cards that belong together, which depends on how this memory was created. The game is finished when all card pairs have been found and the memory has no more cards left.

Level 4, 8, 12

Letter gridLetter grid - At each level, you get up to ten words to find on a board consisting of letters in a grid. You'll click and drag with the mouse or use your finger and swipe until the sought word is found. You may find words in any order you want. Once you find all the words you get a knowledge point. If you get stuck, you may click on the Cancel button. The game creator has chosen how the words should be placed on the board, which can be readable words, one line words, curved words or unreadable words. In addition, the game creator may have chosen that the list with the requested words should have shuffled letters. Then you should start by identifying the correct word, which you then should mark on the board as described above. Sometimes clues are shown instead of the words in the list and sometimes there's only masked letters in the list.

Calculation of knowledge points

Each completed game level gives 1 knowledge point in Numbers in German. The maximum number of points (12 knowledge points) is achieved when you pass all 12 levels. You'll get a bronze medal when you complete a level 2 times and a silver medal after 5 completed rounds. A gold medal will be received after 10 completed rounds. In Numbers in German, the maximum number of collectable gold medals is 12. You only earn knowledge points for levels that has not been cleared before. A cleared level has a green background above. Even when you have completed a level, you can continue practicing at that level, but it gives you no more knowledge points.

Additional game information

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Seventh grade - Eleventh grade and above
Numbers Spelling Digits Counting
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If you find a spelling mistake or something else that should be corrected, feel free to contact the game creator or us at Helpful Games.

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There are a total of 5 comments on this knowledge game.

11 December 2020 14:55
how are you supposed to write five in German
12 November 2020 17:38
This game helps me with math and german.
27 April 2020 15:09
I got addicted to this game and even tho I already knew how to count up to 40 it still helped me remember it from 0 to something like 20 anyways I recomend thus game for those who want to learn to count in german so I give this a 4 star review!have fun and good luck!!!
16 April 2020 12:09
Very good app for learning German numbers in the form of game which is interesting.
31 January 2020 05:33
Learning different numbers in german it's a fun & an learning process, fun for children and older i recommend everyone to play it!!
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