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Games about Physics


Physics is a natural science subject that has its origin in our need to understand and explain the world around us and treat everything from interactions between the smallest components to the origin of the universe.
Games about Religion


Learn about the different religions that exist in the world. Much of man's actions are associated with religious beliefs so train up your skills in religious studies in these games.
Games about Spanish


Spanish is the largest Roman language and the world language is spoken by several hundred million people. Take the chance to play these Spanish games so you can speak, read and write Spanish.
Games about Swedish


The Swedish language surrounds us more and more in everyday life. Play these Swedish games so you can, dare and want to use Swedish in different situations.
Games about Technology


Technology is about finding methods to reduce the need for physical or psychological stress and increase living standards. An important knowledge that you practice in these technology games.
Play Addition


Kindergarten - Sixth grade
  • Numbers
  • Addition
  • Mental calculation
Practice addition in math game with several levels of increasing difficulty. Add two numbers and find the correct sum.
Play Type the alphabet

Type the alphabet

Kindergarten - Tenth grade
  • The alphabet
  • Correct fingering
  • Keyboard training
Type the alphabet as fast as you can on your keyboard. Speed typing online is free to play. Type forward, backwards or in random order.
Play Hangman in English

Hangman in English

Kindergarten - Sixth grade
  • Spelling
  • The alphabet
Figure out the sentence or word that is hidden by guessing letters, one at a time. Can you find the word before your hanging man falls down?
Play Number bonds

Number bonds

First grade - Fifth grade
  • Numbers
  • Addition
  • Mental calculation
  • Number bonds
Try to find the number that is a number bond to another number and adds up to the given sum. Practice part-part-whole relationships to the numbers 0-20 and facilitates the important mental calculation
Play Subtraction


Second grade - Seventh grade
  • Numbers
  • Subtraction
  • Mental calculation
Practice subtraction or minus in a skill training game. Find the difference between two numbers in different levels in this math game.
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