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Play Homeostasis A Level

Homeostasis A Level

Eleventh grade and above - Eleventh grade and above
  • Homeostasis
  • Control of blood temperature
  • Blood glucose
  • Diabetes
Fill in the blanks and Find the terms in Homeostasis.
Play Volume Concentration

Volume Concentration

Eighth grade - Tenth grade
  • Volume
  • Formula
  • 3D figures
Match up the corresponding 3D figure to its volume formula.

School Admin - Manage your school

Access to School Admin in Helpful Games. Access As an administrator in Helpful Games, you get access to School Admin - the part where it is possible to manage the school's Helpful Games, such as students, teachers, groups, settings, etc. You can ...

Difference between www and plus

The differences between www site ( and and plus site ( and are described below. On plus site the following applies: Only the first level can be played on public games ...

Using special character

Apostrophe (') When you play on Helpful Games and the answer you write contains an apostrophe, use a straight apostrophe. If you use the wrong apostrophe, you will fail. On most devices, the regular apostrophe key gives a straight apostrophe. On a ...

Send request for access to an existing student or group

If you know that one or more students already have accounts on Helpful Games and you want access to these student accounts or the entire student group these students are included in, you may follow this guide.Remember that you need to know the ...

Flags for difficult game levels

When a student plays a game and lists all available game levels, there may be flags indicating a hard level. The flags are displayed so the student will get a greater understanding of why a certain game level is perceived as difficult. The ...

The games are locked or not visible

Example of locked game levels There are three reasons why levels in one or more games are locked when you are logged in as a student. You are trying to play a game on, but have not signed in as a plus member.You as a student ...

Print game level

You can print a game level by going to a game and clicking on the button labelled Print below the game levels. The printouts look different every time you generate a printout and they also look different depending on which game and game type it is. ...

View personal data

When you create a user on Helpful Games, you also submit personal information. The following describes how to access this information and how to correct or delete it. My personal information as a parent or teacher All personal information we have ...
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